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This is the biggest day of your life, and it’s our job to ensure the details are beautiful, perfect, and above all, bespoke in their designs.  

A Sugar Rose bride in San Diego County can expect to invest a minimum of $2500 before delivery and installation.  Floral decor for out-of-county brides begins at $3000.  

In-county weddings with dates a year or more in the future from the date of contact have a $3500 minimum.  A lot changes in a year and this budget accommodates any and all communication, changes, commitments  and meetings that occur with this timeframe.


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I schedule only a limited number of weddings per year, so my clients and their visions are very personal to us.  Nothing makes me happier than when you’re happy.  Please let me know how I can accommodate your requests, and please don’t hesitate to ask me any questions you may have.  See the contact page for more information.

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I am honored to be a donation partner for the Forget Me Not Foundation!  This is an organization which picks up floral arrangements (sometimes in an ambulance with adorable paramedics!) from weddings and recycles them into donations for care centers, hospitals, and senior living facilities.  They even teach flower arranging classes in those senior care centers and use your donated blooms to bring a sweetness and much-needed diversion to long term residents, many of whom do not receive any visitors.  It’s such a great thing for those in need to be able to work with beauty, keep fine motor skills sharp, and perhaps take them back to their own wedding days.  If you are interested in donating your centerpieces post-wedding, let me know and I’ll make sure your gifts of hope find their way to someone in need.