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We custom-create each proposal; there are no event package deals because no two events are the same in any way, despite what social media or other input may indicate to you.  Proposals are presented to prospective clients only after a detailed consultation. (Event planners and designers–please note that we will need to meet with you and your client to go forward with your design board, either via phone or in person!)  Your event is important and we will make every effort to genuinely reflect your style and personality.  We take into account the date, season, theme, guest count, colors, location, budget, and time when we quote your event.  

A Sugar Rose bride in San Diego County can expect to invest a minimum of $2000 for pick-up, or a minimum of $2500 for delivered and installed florals.  Floral decor for out-of-county brides begins at $3000.  

For weddings a year or more in the future from the date of contact, our minimum is $3500.  A lot changes in a year and this budget accommodates any and all communication, changes, commitments and meetings that occur with this timeframe. 

If you are a Mount Woodson or San Diego Botanic Garden client, please contact me for budget details.

If you aren’t sure about all the details, that’s all right–we are here to help!  If you would prefer a direct email, please contact at  


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